Am I not being specific enough?

vague statements.png

This morning’s Streams in the Desert entry (March 24) has got me thinking about my prayer life. How often am I specific about my requests before God? How often am I specific about anything with God, for that matter? It dawned on me how little I thank God for the little things in my life, specifically. In the light of His grace, every little thing is a big thing. I have so much to be thankful for that God has given me, not least of which is redemption by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

If I started to be more specific about what I am thanking God for, and not merely thanking Him for the fact that he provides, then I see the abundance of His love and mercy. In the same way, if I were to pray specifically for things I know God has promised, and I do so for the sake of Jesus, in His name and for His glory, then my request should be granted. It is this way that God has chosen to reward His children for believing Him in their daily requests.

God chose to create us to need a relationship with Him to thrive. We build that relationship through prayer. When part of that prayer life becomes a request, we should trust God that He will lovingly answer our request. When we are specific in our requests, we can look specifically for the answers. God does not play games with us. When He shuts a door, He does so firmly. However, when our request has been granted because of our faith in Him, we will see the clearly the fruits of our faith in the specificity of our request.

As I begin to attempt the same in my own life, I urge my fellow believers to more simply and specifically trust our Lord Jesus. He was willing to suffer and die on a cross for us. I believe He will be more than happy to answer our prayers, as long as our requests are reasonable, clear, and specific. But remember to “ask in faith without doubting.” As James reminds us, a doubting person “should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.” (James 1:6-7, HCSB)

Pray often. Pray specifically. Pray without any doubt. Jesus loves you, and He answers your prayers.


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