Quick Update

I’ll be posting later today a much longer post, but I wanted to share a few quick thoughts with my “followers.” I have a hard time thinking about people “following” me, but I suppose in a way I take on the role of your “leader” when I accept that you are my “followers.” I also accept that you are my “leader” by allowing myself to “follow” you. Anyway, that’s getting a bit off topic.

So many things have been happening in my life that greatly excite me. I am humbled by God’s active love in my life, now that I am aware of the possibilities around me. It is not that these things were not always taking place, of course. Nothing about the course of my life has changed as a result of my belief in God or because of the writing of this book.

Once I understood that I was merely a part of God’s story, I realized that my story had been written before the foundation of time itself. I’m not writing a story, friends. None of us are.

God is writing a story. Now that I define “God” as a Perfect Being, my God is perfect. That means His story is perfect.

And that means, I don’t have to worry about what happens.

God’s got this.

More later.

Love ❤


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