I’m waiting for it to be over too

“I am bottled fizzy water, and You were shaking me up.
You are a fingernail running down the chalkboard I thought I’d left in third grade.
Now my only consolation is that this could not last forever.
Even though, You’re singing and thinking how well You’ve got it made.

“Who are You? When will You be through?”
(“Who are you? When will you be through?”)

“Yeah. It’s just a phase. It will be over soon. 
Yeah. It’s just a phase.”

“Yeah! It’s just a!…phase…”
(“Yeah. It’s just a phase…”)

“Call it women’s intuition, but I think I’m on to something here.
Temporaryism has been the black plague and the ‘Jesus’ of our age.
I know that I sound opinionated, maybe biased, and quite possibly jaded.
But sooner than later, they’ll be throwing quarters at you on the stage.”

(“Who are you?! When will you be through?!”)
“Who are You?! When will You be through?!”

“Yeah. It’s just a phase. It will be over soon.
Yeah. It’s just a phase.”

“Yeah, it’s just a phase and I’m waiting for it to be over too.”
(“Yeah, it’s just a phase and I’m waiting for it to be over too.”)

Just a Phase” by Incubus, from Morning View

Something always intrigued me about this song. I absolutely love the beginning of the music where I feel the different “phases” occur in the flow of the music. It begins feeling one way, and throughout the intro you can sense the shifts in meter and tempo because of the stress of the guitar accents and the drum entrance. It’s an absolutely gorgeous work of art all on its own without the lyrics.

The lyrics touch me even more, though. Especially now that I can understand as my own pleading with God to end the “phases” of my life that I have gone through in the past and currently. I kept coming back to this song and its lyrics because they kept speaking to me. I just didn’t fully understand it yet. I don’t think I ever will. However, I have a better understanding of it now that I’ve come to this point in my life. This is one of the reasons I also like to go back and read things I used to read, listen to things I used to listen to, and go back over the words I’ve typed in the past.

I need to know myself well enough before I can help anyone else. I also need to know the song well enough before I can teach it to anyone else, or to explain my own interpretation.

I am bottled fizzy water and God is shaking me up. He’s waiting for me to be through with my “phase” just as much as I’m waiting to be through with His “phase.” As I ask God “Who are You?” God asks me “Who are you?” When I ask God to save me from my “phase,” He asks me to be done with mine. God isn’t the one holding me back from Himself. I’m holding myself back from God.

One last thing before I leave you with this song and hopefully some consolation for your own phases.

Yeah. It’s just a phase. It’ll be over soon. However, you determine when you want to return to God. God is never going to force you to love Him. If you’re waiting for God to change your heart “into something beautiful,” and thinking that “the outside might just bleed its way in,” then you aren’t really searching for God. You’re searching for comfort and an end to your phase, just like I was and still do many times.

“These days, I mostly watch Your mouth when I don’t know what You are saying. Then You say, ‘Baby, watch your mouth when you talk to Me.‘”

Peace, friends. ❤


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