3 Days, 3 Quotes: Derek Webb on Lying (Day Two)

Derek Webb’s lyrics and music are constantly playing in my mind. I would have to concede that (whether he would say the same for me or not) he is one of my closest mentors. Ever since my brother introduced me to his music, I have been transfixed by the truth and beauty within his voice. On a good day–and any day where I sing a song written by Derek is a good day–I would be “singing” his music in my mind at least 50% of that day.

Relient K would be the majority of the time after that. Death Cab for Cutie, Incubus, dc Talk, Jars of Clay, Iron and Wine…so many more that I couldn’t possibly list. These are my mentors. However, Derek Webb is one that I continue to return to. I can’t get away from the message he “preaches.” And, yeah…he used to be a bit preachy. I mean, better preachy than angsty, though. I’m kind of tired of him being so cloistered. He was a little more fun when he was the “old” Derek Webb.

Everything in moderation, though. You’re no longer such a young man. Well, I am. I’m a little “invincible” still. So, I’ll start talking a bit, and stop fearing a lot.

Today, I’m calling out Sathya Sai Baba. A quintessential false prophet. To go so far as to claim himself to have been the second coming of Jesus.

No. I cannot abide by such nonsense. Sai Baba is most certainly not Jesus. He’s a liar and a conman. I know this, because I am also a liar. However, I am not a conman.

“I can always tell a liar, and I always know a thief.
I know them like my family, because, brother, I’m the Chief.”

Derek Webb, “Nobody Loves Me” from She Must and Shall Go Free

I won’t lie. I’m a liar. I’ve lied plenty of times before. I had to learn how to lie really well to be a decent college student (and every college student should know exactly what I’m talking about). Of course, I’m a liar. Everyone lies. If you don’t lie, then either we aren’t equal or I don’t lie either. That’s how mathematical equations work.

Sathya Sai Baba is a liar. I hope to go to India some day soon and prove this to his misled “followers.” Yet another example of ignorant men mispronouncing life.

I have no patience for hypocrites such as this man.

I would hope that none of you would either.

Peace, friends. ❤

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Mitch Teemley

Didi’s Art Design

Thank you for continuing to read my blog! I look forward to seeing your quotes soon.


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