My name is Neal Hansen, and I am a lover of Jesus.

I started the Love Through blog as a way to organize my thoughts. Lately, a lot of the concepts I’ve been mulling over and pondering for over a decade have started to come together. Questions I’ve had about the Christian life and how to live it effectively and truthfully have started to coalesce into solid philosophy and theology. This blog is my starting point for several stories I would like to tell. Each of these stories beckons other lovers of Jesus to draw closer to our Savior. Each story is a reminder of the grace and love that is abundantly stored for us in the Father because of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Love Through is the fundamental concept. It’s about loving Jesus through our actions. It’s about love not being a feeling or a noun, but a verb and a way of living.

“Driving with Bonhoeffer” is the chronicle of my conversations with Dietrich Bonhoeffer as I drove (mostly) to and from work at Pizza Hut. On the blog, I sketch out some of the ideas I had while driving and comment on Bonhoeffer’s words. The most important aspect of this process is to just get down what I was thinking concerning Bonhoeffer before I forget too much of it.

“Join the Conversation” is a series of blog posts that are intended to invite believers (myself included) to remain an active member of the family of God. God is telling a story through his Word and his Church. It is of the utmost importance that we hold fast to as much of our family as possible as we live with Jesus daily.

I will update later with more information about myself and my other writing endeavors. Stay tuned for much more to come.

Jesus loves you.