My pen name is Neal L. Hansen (I was born Christopher Neal McDaniel), and I am a lover of Yeshu’a of Nazareth, my Perfect Best Friend. I also have aphantasia, autism (Asperger’s fits me to a T), and complex developmental trauma with dissociative features. In other words, I’m a mess.

I started the “Love Through Blog” as a way to organize my thoughts. Lately, a lot of the concepts I’ve been mulling over and pondering for over a decade have started to come together. Questions I’ve had about the “Christian” life and how to live it effectively and truthfully have started to coalesce into solid philosophy and theology. This blog is my starting point for several stories I would like to tell. Each of these stories beckons other lovers of Jesus to draw closer to our Savior. Each story is a reminder of the grace and love that is abundantly stored for us in the Father because of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Love Through is the fundamental concept. It’s about loving Jesus (and all people) through our actions. It’s about love not being a feeling or a noun, but a verb and a way of living.

My first book is called Stop Calling Me a “Christian” (and Stop $elling “Jesus”). It is currently available on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing for only $0.99. Half the profits from the sale of my book will be going to the National Organization for Women.

My current works in progress are listed below. I will update sections of these works as I have chapters complete. When the full books are finished, I will start publishing them somehow! I have a lot of stories to tell!


Aphantastic Life of an Autistic Apostate (My memoirs/autobiography)
Aphantastic Brain: Thinking in Music (How my brain works)
“You Can Do Better Than Me”: My On/Off Relationship with God


Clouded Minds:
Douglas Anderson, a neuroscientist with aphantasia, has found proof behind a secret plot to control humanity. After finding a neurosignature embedded within the dreams of human beings all across the globe, Douglas realizes that only those with aphantasia would be able to save the rest of humanity from the deception and coercion. Follow Douglas and his friends as they attempt to save humanity from the “Shadow State” that has taken over the minds of the majority of the world. Will they be able to stop the coming slaughter? Or will they be too late to fix what has already been so irreparably broken?

Let the Elements Speak:
Small cloisters of ancient wizards have gathered around secluded locations of the world, slowly harnessing their powers over time, constantly in fear of one another. One day, a brave young witch breaks free from her commune and finds new friends and ideas in the shelter of a nearby band of wizards. However, lurking in the background of this story the entire time was one nefarious wizard in particular. He was determined to steal the power of all the other magicians for himself, through long-forgotten blood and time magics. He had found a way to step into alternate dimensions, infinite in number, and impossible to track but for the residue of the teleportation left behind for a moment. The young witch must chase after this nefarious wizard in an attempt to save not only her own world…but all possible worlds in the multiverse.

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