Slow it down and bring it home

Didn't I give it all? Tried My best? Gave you everything I had? Everything and no less? Didn't I do it right? Did I let you down? Maybe you got too used to having Me around. Still how can you walk away from all My tears? It's gonna be an empty road without Me right... Continue Reading →


Give it a little try

Love. Love will come find you Just to remind you Of who you are. Oh, love It will forsake you, Threaten to break you, Take what you got. Everybody laughs. Everybody cries. Oh, it could hurt you baby, But give it a little try. See, that's the thing about love. Friends Sometimes will blind you, Sneak... Continue Reading →

You will…when you believe

Many nights we prayed with no proof anyone could hear. In our hearts a hopeful song we barely understood. Now we are not afraid, although we know there's much to fear. We were moving mountains long before we knew we could. There can be miracles when you believe. Though hope is frail it's hard to... Continue Reading →

It doesn’t matter who you are

You're in control. "Is there anywhere you wanna go?" You're in control. "Is there anythin' you wanna know? The future's for discoverin' The space in which we're travelin'." From the top of the first page To the end of the last day! "From the start in your own way? You just want somebody listenin' to... Continue Reading →

We stayed together out of fear

I'm starting to feel We stayed together out of fear Of dying alone. I've been slipping through the years. My old clothes don't fit like they once did. So they hang like ghosts of the people I've been. It's like my Heart can't be tamed. I fall in love every day, And I feel like a... Continue Reading →

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