What If?

And if you loved Me, you would read My book. We wouldn't pass each other without a single look. And if I wrote a song for you it would have no hook. 'Cause I don't need a hook to fish for men. And if you follow Me, follow my commands Instead of building bigger castles... Continue Reading →

I repent judging by a law that even I can’t keep

I repent. I repent of my pursuit of America's dream. I repent. I repent of living like I deserve anything: Of my house, my fence, my kids, my wife, In our suburb where we're safe and white. I am wrong and of these things I repent. I repent. I repent of parading my liberty. I... Continue Reading →


Hello, friends. I know I haven't been keeping up with my posts lately. I really do want to post on my blog every morning. Fortunately (and unfortunately), I have started my new job at Walmart, and I've been pretty busy! I'm happy to finally be making some money. I actually very much enjoy my job... Continue Reading →

I’m not a half a man.

And if you want my glory, you gotta take my sin. And if you want my future, you gotta take my skin. And if you want my heart, you gotta take my blood. And if you want my bed, you gotta take my love. 'Cause, I'm not a half a man. No. I'm not a half... Continue Reading →

Fingers Crossed

I can't get away from the words this man writes. But, I'm no longer worshiping the man. I'm worshiping the God he's talking about. This is still an important song. Let’s not meet for a drink unless you come to take an oath. And brother, please don’t pray for me unless you pray for us... Continue Reading →

I’m waiting for it to be over too

"I am bottled fizzy water, and You were shaking me up. You are a fingernail running down the chalkboard I thought I'd left in third grade. Now my only consolation is that this could not last forever. Even though, You're singing and thinking how well You've got it made. "Who are You? When will You be... Continue Reading →

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