If my heart says I’m sorry, can we leave it at that?

And I'm good, good, good to go. I gotta get away...get away from all of my mistakes. So here I sit, looking at the traffic lights. The red extinguishes the hope that the green ignites. I wanna run away; I wanna ditch my life, 'Cause all of my mistakes keep me awake at night. And,... Continue Reading →


You might think I’m losing my mind, but I will shy away from the specifics

I watched the proverbial sunrise Coming up over the Pacific. And, you might think I'm losing my mind, But I will shy away from the specifics. 'Cause, I don't want you to know where I am. 'Cause, then you'll see my heart In the saddest state it's ever been. This is no place to try... Continue Reading →

I never meant to be a fool

There was a time when I was scared of nothing. Nothing can touch you, if you don't look back. I walked away from every good thing that I had. By the time I met you, it was twelve past midnight. Told you, "I'd be the best you never had." You said "Are you serious?" I... Continue Reading →

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