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First, welcome to Love Through Blog! I’m incredibly happy that you’re here. I hope to enrich your life through my words. More importantly, I hope to enrich your life through my interpretations of love through music and of music through the Spirit of God.

The majority of my posts begin with the full lyrics of a song. Included in each of these posts is a YouTube link to the song itself (on the title of the song). You are free to experience these posts however you like, but here is my suggestion:

  1. Read the lyrics of the entire song twice, and without music. Yes, I said twice. The first reading is to get an understanding my own emphasis and of what I am drawing your attention toward. The second reading is for your own interpretation. The reason I suggest that you do this without music is because you miss so much of the lyrics of a song if you only ever experience them with the musical background. I want you to think of each song as a poem first, and then as a song second.
  2. Listen to the song and follow along with the lyrics. This is an important step. This is your third “reading” of the lyrics. In this reading, you are attempting to bring together my interpretation, your interpretation, and the artist’s interpretation. At this point, you have become a part of the conversation that the artist and I have begun through my interpretation and my blog post. Only when you understand the song itself, my interpretation, and your own ideas about it can you engage in a fruitful discussion about it.
  3. If necessary, repeat Steps 1 and 2. I would even suggest stepping away from the blog post entirely for you to familiarize yourself with the song. The music and the lyrics are far more important than my blog postI cannot stress that enough.
  4. Read my blog post. Feel free to read the scripture passages in whatever translation you prefer.
  5. Finally, comment on my blog post! What kind of conversation would this be if I don’t engage with your ideas about the song as well? I want to know what you think about the song, about my interpretation, or about anything you have to say at all.

In these song lyrics, I often include long passages “quoted in all italics.” I interpret these sections as being spoken by God to His people. I do my best to separate my types of emphasis to make this explicit. Some songs do not have these types of whole sections of lyrical interpretation.

Some other types of posts I include are my own song lyrics, poems, and essays on contemporary issues in the Church as well as in society as a whole. Mostly, I like to stick with my strengths. I am a music theorist studying to become a music therapist. I am also a vocalist myself, and I love all kinds of music and all kinds of people. The vast majority of my posts are really music therapy for the spiritually inclined. While I may talk about my own brand of spirituality, you are by no means held to my views. I am merely attempting to connect people more deeply with their spiritual beings, with the love that we should all share with one another, and with the understanding of one another that ultimately brings peace.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find the love, peace, and understanding you seek and that I offer through my blog.

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