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There are several ways you can help me accomplish my BHAG‘s. I’ll get into some of those later, but I have several.

First, you can pray for me. Humility is my top priority. I also pray that I would be greatly surprised by God every day, so I never lose sight of His purpose for me and His goodness.

Second, please comment on my posts! I love hearing from my fellow bloggers and refining my thoughts based on who is reading my content.

Third, you can join the conversation with me on Patreon! You can also help me learn how to use it. I’m not so great with marketing myself. I’d rather let someone else do that for me.

Fourth, you can buy my first book on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing! It is only $0.99, and you can share it with whoever you like. You can find out more about my book in this blog post: Stop Calling Me a “Christian” (and Stop $elling “Jesus”)

And of course, you can keep reading, and check out my Facebook (Neal L. Hansen) or Twitter (@realnealhansen) to see what else my “crazy” brain comes up with. Be forewarned, I tend to be a bit of a social/political activist type these days. How could I not be?

Thank you in advance for “Joining the Love”. I can’t express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me so far enough in words alone. I hope to visit all of you someday and pay you back several times over.

Peace, Love, and Understanding, friends.


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